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In Honduras, Acceso International has established education projects in memory of José Eduardo López. He was a human rights activist who was kidnapped, tortured and then "disappeared" in 1984. Eduardo sought to overcome poverty and to improve education and health care for the people, and especially for the children of his country. Acceso International commemorated the 20th anniversary of his disappearance in 2004 by establishing projects that reflect Eduardo's original vision and efforts.

The programs are located in La Lima, El Progreso, Buen Ejemplo, Rio Negro and Monte Verde and they consist of bursary assistance and the provision of educational materials for an orphanage, a daycare, two primary schools, two high schools, three homework centres, as well as human rights workshops and skills training for adolescent girls and women.

Acceso International works together with COPPROME, Comité Progreseña para la Protección del Menor, to ensure the educational rights of marginalised children and youth, many of whom are orphaned or at-risk.

Primary school in remote mountain village
of Buen Ejemplo
Centres operated by COPPROME

Given that access to primary and secondary education is not universal, providing one’s child with a high school education can often be financially out of reach for an impoverished family in Honduras. In this light, Acceso International supports Instituto Notre Dame in El Progreso, by providing books for the school’s library and bursaries so that tuition costs are less of a barrier. The bursaries help to defray the costs of tuition, uniforms, school materials and in some cases room and board for students from remote villages where there is no school.

Instituto Notre Dame in El Progreso

Acceso International is also working directly within José Eduardo Lopéz’s community of La Lima, through the sponsorship of Instituto Guadalupano. Our funding provides books and educational resources for the library and classrooms, as well as bursary support for several youth whose families are struggling against considerable financial hardship.

Since 2005, Acceso International has been supporting a series of human rights workshops that guide and empower women in and around El Progreso. These workshops are creating and encouraging awareness, respect and entitlement of human rights for women by focusing on a culture of peace, personal development, civil rights and leadership. Since 2006, we have been assisting with educational materials and operational costs for the daycare that the workshop participants established and constructed to support their employment and community initiatives.

Instituto Guadalupano in La Lima

In 2006, Acceso International provided teaching and learning material for a primary school in Rio Negro, a remote rural community situated in the mountains surrounding Comayagua.

Since 2006, Acceso International has been supporting the education and skills training of Lenca girls and women from 22 remote villages in the Municipality of San Francisco de Opalaca. The project is based in Monte Verde and it includes a bursary program for junior high school girls, a series of human rights workshops and hands-on learning courses.

“Thanks for taking interest in helping my country. I deeply believe that Eduardo is grateful … Education was very important to him and it is a great need in Honduras. All of us are deeply grateful!” Honduran partner

“It has helped me very much and I thank God, my parents, my sisters, and Cristina (Dr. Christine Gervais who represented ACCESO International) because through them I feel strength to persevere.” Workshop participant